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Dog Sanctuary undergoes big changes: half the dogs on-site, and a Bathroom Fundraiser!

Reworking our "build a bathroom fundraiser"


Hey there friends, followers, and dog family! It's been a long time since we spoke.

I am so happy to tell you the updates for the dogs on the Sanctuary are INCREDIBLE: every dog we have is getting better, bigger, stronger, smarter, healthier, better trained, better fur, more walks, and the best life we can give them. We are even finding more and more HOMES FOR DOGS! thanks to some super-great outreach and collabration with other organizations doing similar things.

We are currently down to only 30+ dogs!

Remember, it was 70+ earlier this year...

Aaron with the pack at largest size (early 2023)

There's many, many reasons for the collective improvements but I'm going to sum it up: we are working together with as many groups as possible, and we are developing some really strong supporters with different businesses, nonprofits, and dog-related people who help do this kind of work. Even hostels, individual dog-lovers, and collective dog-related organizations and agencies.

Big shout out to The San Marcos Foundation and The DOX Project whom both together have helped us big-time, by relocating a total of 20 dogs into separate places at a time of great need for us. With other volunteers, even ex-volunteers of ours, and helpers who have been able to work together to give the dogs better individual care than we could provide with such a small staff. We were down to 2 people at the time, and it was a hard time.

2 volunteers looking at a pack of dogs wanting walks


Aries finished her lunch!

But things are WAY better, with people and dogs, our team has gotten way larger, and more functional, effecient, and operational. The dogs in the care of the other organizations are finding homes quickly with their efforts, and progress is being made steadily.

Still there is much more to this than how many dogs do you have, but really how organized are you?

I'll tell you honestly organization and management is NOT my strong-suit. I can be really all-over-the-place in my mind sometimes and it can be hard to focus on one task for a long time. Some call that ADD-like-symptoms, but I was never diagnosed. But here's a list anyway of the things we have to think about on a daily basis:

  1. Manage daily tasks, and leading volunteers.

  2. Organize dog feeding times, and walking groups.

  3. Keep records of everything: dogs that are eating, walking, accounting, salary, budget, fundraising, and dogs vaccinations, adoptions, and medicinal care.

  4. Operate social media and online marketing (emails, messages, FB, Instagram and Tiktok profiles)

Dude, I could keep going, but that is just the most simple summary of the daily tasks we have on the Sanctuary that I manage as a single individual. But I'm sourcing help for every single angle, and slowly building that organization with my team. We're expaning the ability of the team by creating roles for all these things.

We are doing it. We're making the big changes and getting the big steps taken. It's been a long time coming, but I see success in the long term if we can really nail these things in.

God gives me hope, and I pray everyday for our success as an organization.

Nula: sponsored dog soaking up morning sun!


The big news of the day: 2023 Holiday Bathroom Fundraiser!

We began a fundraiser over a month ago to raise money for building a new bathroom/shower/and finishing out volunteer house. It would take a lot of money to do all these things, and we raised unfortunately not that much in all this time.

So, we're simplifying things. Reshaping the fundraiser and lowering the bar: we're making this solely to build a bathroom, and save the next steps of construction for another time and another fundraiser. Therefore we're lowering the fundraising amount to $2500, which is more than enough to cover expected materials, labor, and salary costs of a single bathroom with septic tank.

Here's a small and simplified financial breakdown.

Estimated material costs of bathroom/septic parts: ~$1,150

Estimated labor in time (3 weeks): ~$640

Salary of 2 dog-employees (3 weeks cook & caretaker): ~$440

= $2230 (+270 extra costs) = $2,500

Considering unexpected setbacks, labor takes longer than expected, or we need materials we didn't account for, we add an additional $270 to the total equating exactly $2500. I am 100% positive this will get the job done, and we will even be able to get nice lunches for everybody on the big days. Let's take good care of ourselves and the workers, and get this dirty job finished!

Funding will take care of all necessary elements for us to build, while maintaining the care and food for all the animals. Nothing is possible without good help: and we've got some amazing volunteers and awesome employees who can do this. If you can, and know the value of this need for a bathroom, please consider helping us reach out goal before the New Year 2024. You guys can help us make it through this year, and have a BATHROOM FINALLY on the other side.

Without further ado here is the fundraiser portal.


Thank you everyone for supporting us on our journey!

We can make it to the end of this year, I am more than confident, and want to thank everyone who actually reads these things and makes it to the bottom. If you're one of them: you are my hero! You're the reason we have a leg to stand on, and so do these dogs!

Libertad para los perros!

Dan with the super-cute Sammy pup

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