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We are a non-profit organization legalized by the United States working in Guatemala for the betterment and well-being of all dogs! From the streets to homes, we provide a transitional space for dogs to both heal, live, and receive optimal love and affection which is what is lacking in the streets today. 

Community is a huge ideal in our philosophy. Proceeds for the non-profit go directly into the mouths of dogs, which materials are provided for by the local community of Tzununa, Guatemala directly through your donations. We have already been able to employ individuals both local and foreign to help assist us and therefore generate growth and stimulation to the local economy, to work towards a mutually beneficial relationship with the land. 


Save the Dogs!

The situation in greater Latin American in regards to its wild dogs is extremely well known. Wild dogs both savage and diseased run amok in countries ranging from Mexico, through Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, all the way down through Buenos Aires and Chile. We operate solely in a small indigenous village on lake Atitlan called "Tzununa", and there are other rescues in adjacent towns, but we are the only ones we're aware of working in our immediate surrounding area. There are lots of dogs in just that village alone that we can only begin to help.  

So when we say "Free the dogs", or "Perros Libres", understand the dogs are currently 'free' in a sense, running around in the streets everyday. Ours are sheltered, but came from the streets and spend a considerable amount of time playing in them and returning of their own free will on occasion. What they are not free from is: disease, hunger, cruelty, even abuse from all kinds of random situations that occur in the streets. So we hope to provide a home to every dog we take in, and get dogs off the streets, into loving homes.  


Four Key Words: 

Rescue, Rehabilitate, Sterilize, Adopt.

  1.  First, we rescue dogs from the streets, often from travelers who find them first, but then ask to take them to our Sanctuary. 

  2. Next, rehabilitate them from the rough street life they have come from. Good food, appropriate medicine, and especially love are the key ingredients to rehabilitating street dogs. They often come in traumatized in some way, and need special care to come to stasis. 

  3. Sterilize. Slowly, but with consistency, sterilize dogs when they are old enough and healthy enough to have an easy procedure and place for healing. Our sanctuary provides this service and we work with other organizations to provide them once a month on Lake Atitlan.

  4. Adopt! If Dogs can find happy homes, we have completed the full circle for them and give them to homes where they will be loved and cared for for the rest of their lives. This takes patience, and developing a good adoptions application process. We have already adopted many dogs to happy homes successfully both locally and internationally. When adopted, we aim for all dogs to be sterilized as to not add to the population of street dogs in the future. This is a very important part of the process, to not just rescue and heal dogs, but slow the population growth of street dogs to prevent future unwanted dogs from filling the streets.

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