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New Sponsorship Program! 

We're launching a new sponsorship program, where YOU can choose a dog that you want to directly support! The benefits of the program include: 

  1. Personal updates monthly on the dog's condition: health status, photos, videos of what their lives are like, and anything you'd like to know about them :)

  2. Specialized food: you can choose what type of food you'd like your dog to have, if you wish them to have a diet unique to what we already feed the dogs. This can be factored into their sponsorship costs if you have very specific requests. 

  3. Adoption plan: do you want to eventually adopt the sponsored dog? We can arrange it! Pay for your dogs stay and care until the point we can arrange it's adoption either here in Guatemala or directly out to your country! Ofcourse, this is a challenging and complicated task but we can do it! Varies from country to country, which requirements we are slowly gathering data and resources to get them to yours! 

Select your sponsorship program you'd like today! 

First, look below at our list of dogs who need sponsorship! 

After seeing which dog you like, click below where it says "membership", and click the box "write us a comment" with the dog you want to sponsor! We will email you with more detail for your sponsorship details and specific requests for the dog! 

Doggies for sponsorship!


Josécito.              Neptune.             Pitaya.               Alba.           Aly. 


  Surya.           Eclypso.              Shakti.               Chonk.         Strolchi.                       


     Pluto.           Vibiana.            Quixaya.             Mercurio.         Venus.     


      Perrita.            Athena.           Flacka.              bronson.           Juana.


          Cleo.              Nube.             Marte.             Quilla.             Khaki. 


   Mango.              Peach.               Nila.              Nula.               Beema.


    Socks.                Sandy.                      Copalito.                         Ram.

    Guru.                Kiera.            Esmeralda.             Rata.            Tzunun.

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