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Our Dogs

We are a non-profit organization legalized by the United States working in Guatemala for the betterment and well-being of all dogs! From the streets to homes, we provide a transitional space for dogs to both heal, live, and receive optimal love and affection which is what is lacking in the streets today. 

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Perrita was the first dog we ever saw come off the street into a happy home right before our eyes. She was found from a local breeder from Santiago named Mario, and lived decently but on a diet of only tortillas. She was adopted by a friend after she approached us to help find veterinarian help for her. Within weeks of adoption, she began to exhibit very ill signs and turned out to have a case of Distemper. With immediate care and then constant love and protection, she has happily made a full recovery! 

She now lives on the dog-sanctuary full time and is a mother, a protector, and guardian of the sanctuary and is a protector of the innocent. 


Pluto & Vibiani

Pluto and Vibiana have a wild story. They were two of the litter of four found on the "Dog Land", the area where we intend to build the Dog Sanctuary. The very first day of our construction of the fence, the brother of the land owner said: "Hey there's some puppies over here." I didn't understand, I thought he meant my dogs. Then I come over to see, and these guys little heads poke out of the very large boulders in the middle of the land.


We began feeding them for a month, and eventually adopted 3 of them out to neighbors, but then Pluto was found in San Marcos alone, hiding under a chicken cart. One of our volunteers spotted him and we got him with haste. We've discovered there are risks involved with adopting to locals, and we since re-rescued him where he stays with us now. We know the culture is quite different with how they treat animals, but with education and working together we can improve the situation. Pluto has since been adopted to a loving home.

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If you'd like to help us on our mission, get in touch below!

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