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Race to 100% Sterilization: Our First Clinic!


Let's start with the good news: we're finally gonna sterilize the pack!

A single strong criticism against how we've operated is taking in too many dogs, too fast. I have to agree that we moved perhaps faster than we should, and had too many dogs with not the right team or infrastructure to perfectly manage. Too many dogs means it's harder to feed them all, and especially if not everyone is sterilized, you will inevitably have too many dogs. I know it was a mistake to not get this done sooner: but now is the time. We have the support to make it happen: but we need your, and others, help to continue on.

I have learned so much doing this, and there is still yet so much for me to learn. I'm still a beginner, and acknowledge we are start-ups who really can use a leg-up from those with more experience. I want to be open and connecting to the community, and not an "island", where we do things our own way and ignore the aid of others. I am here to learn to accept help, know how we can improve, and protect my animals all at the same time. It is not an easy task.

A cutie puppy who needs sterilization!

The time has come! Get up to speed with sterilization!

So...what are we going to do?? Maybe one of the most important tasks we've ever taken on: set up our OWN sterilization clinic, where we can finally sterilize ALL of our dogs and reach 100% sterilization rate.

This is essential for the continuation of Perros Libres. Without properly getting the dogs sterilized in time, we will unintentionally add more dogs to the population, which we are here to prevent. The population is over-run with dogs, and we need to find homes for who we do have, and not add any more dogs to the population making this task any harder. It's already challenging enough!

So...this is where we need you! We are trying to raise a total of $1,340 USD in order to pay for the entire clinic, with the ability to sterilize up to 40 dogs. This fundraiser's sole purpose is to pay for all the sterilization of our dogs, and whatever additional dogs we can fit in.

This will help our Sanctuary get up-to-speed on sterilizations and prevent the spread of any extra dogs. This is huge.

As little as $33 USD can sterilize a single dog in our Sanctuary. Please consider supporting us so we can sterilize the remainder of our pack by this upcoming, Tuesday, September 12th. We have a Facebook event page I will link here. We've already raised $446.45 by the time I'm writing this blog, but we still have a ways to go!

Just like always, we need you guys to get this goal met. Our Sanctuary is a community effort which feels weakened at this time, with volunteers dropping out, Workaway issues, and even pressure against us from all of the challenges of this year and especially the final push of the situation of this month. We fight harder than ever to stay here, and I humbly ask if you want to help us continue our work, and get the Sanctuary sterilized at 100%, please help us reach that goal here:

This will be the single largest step forward for the Perros Libres organization, in fact a huge leap in our ability to operate successfully here.

Thank you for those who can support at this time!

Any additional funds raised beyond the cost of the event, will pay for dog medicine we greatly need, or potentially a second clinic for more dogs if this goes really well.

There is not much support for the dogs here in Tzununa, and really we are it. Despite how some may feel we haven't done the best job, we're still the only ones here. And we won't quit on the dogs.


Once the doggies are sterilized: everyone is up for adoption!

Doggies that need homes <3

This is the goal of a rescue:

  1. Rescue

  2. Rehabilitate

  3. Vaccinate

  4. Sterilize

  5. Adopt!

Slowly we improve our reach and accessibility to every step.


Some bumps in the road...but with a clear path ahead!

It's been a long journey. It's been 2 years we've been doing this, and I daresay it's only gotten harder, and not easier. That is the simple truth and the team needs to grow, since the pack has grown.

Thankfully I am here to do just that. I may have felt alone in this before, but it won't be forever. Our team will grow, and these dogs conditions will only get better.

The ultimate thank you to those who has stuck with us in these tough times. We will improve and continue on, to make the Dog Sanctuary this place really needs.

Libertad para los perros.

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