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Food for all the street dogs! With Tigre update :)

Here's what it looks like to feed the street dogs:

Got to feed my dogs first, because they follow me around town and can cause issues with the other doggies.

So here's the administering of my dogs food, so they'll be full before I try to feed the others nearby.

Here's the second pack: notice how our big white dog Surya tries to bully the German Shepard away, but because I'm the "alpha" of the pack he won't do it if I put myself in-between them.

This was Tigre, before he had removal of the corn-husk in his throat. Notice how he only eats a bite or so before backing away, he cannot stomach more than a mouthful of food at this time as his throat was presently clogged with this corn husk which made it hard to take down any food.

This is Tigre's condition up-close, you can hear him wheezing and see how hard it is for him to breathe. Remember: we've addressed this and he's currently stomaching food! But this is for the documentation of what it looks like when a dog has something caught in his throat.

Tigre is all better!!

Thank goodness we were able to get a friend of ours to take him to the vet and get the corn-husk removed. Incredibly, he threw it up himself right when they took him into the veterinarian's table to investigate.

Dog pack #3, look at the rest of them!

Check out Tigre getting his eat on! So happy for that little guy. Also, check out the rest of these other dogs. I got food to as many of them as we had left, but thankfully to our local 'employee' who is cooking all this food we had a lot to share! A shout-out to her, as this is a community effort and thankfully to all of your help I do not have to do it entirely alone.


So that's what it looks like to feed the street doggies!

Really simple update this time, I want everyone to see up-close what our process looks like as we're currently working in the streets and not able to do much on the land yet without having our built up dog kennels/houses/and volunteer house. Until then: we'll be working more in the street taking care of these dogs that don't have the shelter and food they need daily in the places they're at. This is the purpose of the Dog Sanctuary project of Perros Libres, that all of these dogs will have a big place they can eat, hang out, rest, and receive constant love and attention. Until we begin the land-building fundraiser, we're slowly administering all of the food and medicine the dogs need that we find. That's it everybody! Libertad por los perros!

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Sep 22, 2021

I love seeing what you’re doing. You are a God sent to these dogs.

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