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New fence baby!

Check out this beautiful fence! Courtesy of all the donators out there, we have finished the entire "malla" or chainlink fence around the whole property. There is a single spot we need to fill from the fence going downhill alongside the waterfall, which we can fill with rocks and cement to clearly seal it. Currently, this acts as a good doggie door for the dogs to reach the river and get some water. 😛

Also, the front or back gates have not been put in but I was told Andrés father the carpenter is going to put it up tomorrow! So amazing to see family work together and how much support is given to one another. Much of Andrés direct family were workers on the fence, and it's thanks to his easy organization and support of this it was done so quickly. Gracias Andrés, mi amigo!

Yup, so there it is. Check out that gorgeous waterfall! The waterfall is technically on the property, but we cannot build the fence in the water obviously and the other side of the river is not ours to use. However, there will be a gate on the back end and even a doggie door so the doggies will always be able to access the water (and the humans, too! 😁)


Well, that's it for the fence!

So the next step is the shelter construction! Real, actual construction of a volunteer house and dog houses with it. We currently have an architectural plan which is going to get a nice touch up to show you all what our specific plans are. We also have a material list we're working on and will get a quote to know exactly what the cost will be. We will subsequently begin a new fundraiser for the materials of the entire Doggie Sanctuary. This includes a home for the volunteers, and lots of small dog houses of some various shapes and sizes to house ALL the street dogs of Tzununa. That is our ultimate goal to finish by December, and be able to bring in every sick dog off the streets to provide food, shelter, and medical care. We also are working on a partnership with local veterinarians to be able to visit the shelter and provide direct medical care from licensed vets.

So that's the big plan! If ya don't know, now ya know.

So there ya go! You've now heard our 3-month plan to get this thing up and running before 2021 is over. We will need your help to make it go as smoothly and efficiently as possible, but rest assured we've got the BEST help out here and are going to make it happen as quick as we can.

Thank you, Gracias, Matiox, and libertad por los perros! :)

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