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The Battle is Won, but the War is not over!

Flacka & Josecito playing

Good news & bad news...good news & bad news...

Let's make this really easy to understand. We've been running all over the lake this last month figuring out where to put all our dogs. First...

The good news:

We moved half of the dogs on-time! The locals came by and expressed their gratitude! WE DID IT!
  1. This is somewhat of a pre-mature victory, because the even harder part is next to come: WE STILL HAVE TO BUILD IT!

  2. Because of constantly moving without a "secure" option, we lost a lot of time in working in other places and have to start over again.

  3. A LOT of volunteers and donators have come through to help us at this incredible shift in time!

4. We nearly raised our entire fundraising goal of $8,000 USD!

Only an additional $234.53 USD until we hit the end! Here's the fundraising widget:

The bad news:

We have moved locations 3 times trying to find the right spot.
  1. Santa Cruz (our first location option) asked us to not set-up there. I won't get into specifics. They (some members of the neighboring community) pushed against the location and negotiated with us to move.

  2. We were offered land in Jaibalito to move instead. We moved out stuff and started working, then the village elders said they didn't like that location. They offered us a different land option which was nice, but time would be needed to secure that location. So we moved again.

  3. A miracle hail-mary occurred when Daisy of the San Marcos Foundation offered to let us use her land. We are now working hard to make this location work: and we've already moved almost half of the dogs there. This is good news but laced with large challenges and obstacles to overcome to make it work.

  4. We are working round-the-clock and trying to make it safe, comfortable, and live-able for the animals. Currently it is none of these things, because there are almost no dog beds, the water is broken, there is no electricity and not even a bathroom. We are camping essentially, keeping the dogs at the location all through the day and night, save for walks.

  5. This location is likely temporary, for 6 months at minimum.

  6. We still need to find a long-term solution for our greater group. The work is nowhere near over.

Help us get this place up-to-shape! We got donations, but we need workers! Volunteers! Mom & Dad! Anyone!


The truth is, there are a surprising amount of people against the development of Dog Sanctuaries near them.

I suppose this only makes sense, but the pushback has been insane. We are struggling to feel accepted, and permitted, to be where we are. Foreigners and locals alike have expressed distress about it, and I'm surprised everyone thinks for themselves more than the dogs.

I hear complaints about dogs but who actually does something about it?

We do. Perros Libres does something about it. I do something about it. My volunteers everyday do something about it. Stand up!

Puppies play in developing house!

There is SO much to say, but so little time...

So I will keep this short and sweet as I can.

Aaron & his beloved Flacka on a ride!



Firstly please accept my apologies for we have not been answering emails, writing updates, or had any time to update our sponsors. Please accept this humble apology as internet access is very limited right now: I spend most of my time away from electricity, let alone wifi!

Currently where I am sleeping with half the dogs.

This is the big challenge of now. We must live here, and develop it quickly. The dogs are at stake.

Send us prayers of encouragement that we can survive this tough time! Give us candles to light our way out of the darkness!

Lord, light the way.

We're working to make our situation better! If you know anyone who would like to support; please spread the word! Tell your friends! Share the blog or link to our webpage!

That's all for today folks, stay tuned for the next updates! Check our Instagram for daily updates on the build!

Libertad para los Perros! Adios!

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