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Two puppies, two boxes. Never a dull moment!

This little girl is an interesting story, and the short version is she's living with us now. Long version: a volunteer called me up and said "There is a puppy in town center, in a box, and the locals are feeding it coca-cola!" I'm thinking, oh no, another one? So I say, we can't let that happen, no one has taken this pup and it seems the same age as Perrita's pups. Let's bring it home and see if Perrita will accept it as one of her own, and possibly even nurse it. I heard sometimes dogs will do this, and take in abandoned puppies as their own and nurse them. So...unfortunately, Perrita did not accept the baby pup as one of her own. After sniffing it and seeming like she'd take it, we brought it close to her puppies, and she growled and feigned attacking it. But my roommate was kind enough to say he'll keep it and raise it. He gave her the name Bodhisattva. So now we have another puppy at the house. Perrita doesn't mind her at this point. But that's not all!


We got one more!

Her name is Vibiana. She got her name from the "Patron saint of Nobodies" in the Catholic religion, a virgin character who was a martyr for her people, whomever they were.

So Vibiana has an interesting story. She is a dog you've seen in previous videos, she is the female who was part of the litter of 4 found on the land, day 1 we started working on it. She almost never came out of the rock and just barked at me most of the time! Her brothers did not have that issue though, and came out all the time to play. She was the last one to warm up to me. Here's a video of me feeding them last they were all together on the land:

So the story with these guys, is after one month of feeding them living alone on the land everyday, we got them adopted! Here's how it happened:

When I was going to-and-from the land and feeding them everyday, the next door neighbors came over once and asked me if they could adopt 2 of them. I said okay, come back another day when they're ready and we can talk about it. So a couple days later I came back and they were gone. I was worried sick, I didn't think the local kids would have taken them so fast, or without telling me, but the last time I was there I saw they could slip under the gate. I realized the kids may have found the two adventurous boy pups in the street and just took them in, rather than leave them there. Actually a smart move. I looked all day and came back at night to see if they came back, but didn't find anything. Only one boy and the girl remained. Here's a photo of just the two of them, the only ones I could account for at the moment.


So where did the other two show up? You found them right?!

Thankfully we did! I came back the next morning, still worried sick, hoping I'd get info about where they ended up. At 9 am, I saw the 4 neighbor kids sitting on the curb looking at the land. I asked them, "Do you know what happened to the puppies I was feeding here?" They said yes, they took them into their house. I asked their colors and they knew their exact colors. Oh my God...I was so relieved. I furthered the conversation and said they need a lot of food, and love. And if they ever need anything for them please ask me. They said: "por supuesto", of course. I knew they'd be in good hands. I took the time to learn all their names, and their surname, so it'd be easy to find them if I didn't know where they were in the future. Then, surprisingly, they said they wanted to know if they could have one more! This really surprised me, but I was very glad they were asking permission, and realized it'd be best if as many of them could stay together as possible. I said okay, which one do you want? "El hombre", the male, and I said that's fine: I will give you a bowl for food and water and can bring by food sometimes. They said awesome, and I could come see them sometimes. Great. We're in business.

---But they didn't want the last girl!

She was all alone on the land now.

So I got a box from a friend, and brought her home.

Here's a photo of me holding her:

So we gave her the name Vibiana, the virgin patron saint of nobodies. She's at our house right now, but Vibiana is up for adoption! I have already got a family who said they might want to take her in, and turns out to be the same family we adopted Pepé to! The very first adoptee of Perros Libres, before we even had a name. Pepé, by the way, is looking MUCH bigger than I remember when I saw him today. This family takes very good care of their dogs, and they ask me for food whenever they run out, so I'd very much entrust them with her because of all this, and how well Pepé is doing. Here's a picture of him, now he must be 6-7 months old:


So Perros Libres is expanding into adoption services!

As of the 3 puppies from the land just adopted, we have officially adopted out 4 puppies to local families. And it will soon be 5, as soon as find Vibiana a home (could be as early as tomorrow!) Because truth is, we should not be taking in any more puppies into our house at this point. We've already got our hands full with baby Perritas, and if we had the dog sanctuary ready it would be a different story. But our house can only hold so many.

So that's it for today everybody! Just before we go, here is a cute photo of Bodhisattva after we gave her a bath today:

Have an excellent weekend everyone, and Libertad por los perros!

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