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Welcome to Tzununa

This is a video of us walking up into town. All 5 dogs walking with us are our "pack", and you can see a little baby puppy in the middle of town our white dog Surya approaches. This is town center, and this exact location is where I originally found Scabby many months ago. Practically every week you'll find some new dog in this town center, they are constantly born and die, coming from who knows where. The red cars are called "Tuk Tuks", which are local taxis. You may wonder why we walk without leashes, but that is the norm around here. The dogs have been raised around the fast driving tuk-tuks and listen for them, and walk to the side of the road whenever they approach. Once, however, I saw Scabby get hit directly by a tuk-tuk when two were riding by at the same time, both trying to avoid the dog. Thankfully he was hit just softly enough he bounced off and walked away like nothing happened. Since then, however, I keep an extra-close eye on them. I'll be posting more videos like this, showing you the general area we live in and what it looks like. Get to know Tzununa!

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