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It's Time for a BIG change: a New Sanctuary.

Aaron with basically the whole pack

Why do we do this?

What's the reason?

It is so, very, very simple. Animals live in a world that is cruel. Animals experience mistreatment unlike any one race, any one type of human, and are seen in many parts of the world as less than they are: akin to a tool, like a shovel, and not given the awareness of the fact that it has a personality, emotions, a heart, and a soul.

If everyone saw dogs the way we do, and everyone treated animals as humans, and the police enforced those laws, and the people understand why they are there: then there would be no reason for Perros Libres.

But unfortunately this is not the case here, and we are at the middle of this reality. For this sad reason I must tell this to you today.

This has become a war zone. And the dogs are the target.

I'm not mincing words here. The dogs on the Perros Libres sanctuary in Tzununa have been threatened, and I was called in to a meeting with the very group that was doing the threatening. I will not name names but they can be said to represent the community of Xeabaj, Tzununa, which is the small sector we live in.

To put it simply, they had said they were not happy with how many dogs live here on the Sanctuary. They complain of the noise, the smell, and the fear the people have of the dogs.

They asked me to move all of my dogs, at first, or they would take responsive action. Here is where some harsh and dangerous words showed up that I will spare you of.

So, being my persistent self as I am, argued this case:

  1. We are here to serve the community.

  2. We help everyone who asks us to help their dogs.

  3. We've rescued and save many lives and intend to get them all adopted.

  4. If something happens because of our dogs, such as a chicken being attacked or a person who is bitten, we compensate and take care of any harm we have ever caused.

  5. We've built this reputation with the community and it is strong.

Honestly, they were not very moved. However I felt they could feel my heart is in this work, and my love for the place and my willingness to fight to maintain our position here. This atleast denotes a mention, because I think resilience is respected in a place like this.

So, we came to a negotiation. And these were the terms:

If we can move half of our dogs (approx. 30) to another location by the date of June 20th, 2023, then we will be permitted to continue operation free of molestation, and gain respect of the community for adhering their request so seriously.

Let's save these dogs.

"Crystalito" newly renamed Dobby by the volunteers 😂


Okay so what's the land look like? Let me show you.

Land in question needed to be developed.


There is no greater reward than to live knowing you are improving the lives of others.

The ability to provide and be an open spirit who gives without expecting anything in return.

The love of a mother, for example, to find love in pain, to see what she creates and provide with her presence, is perhaps the only form of true unconditional love.

To be able to maintain the same attitude and following-through that with keeping your cool.

The ability to show and not tell.

The ability to speak and not scream.

The ability to show confidence but not arrogance.

The ability to be respected and loved without having to be feared.

A leader's motivations drastically increase when they understand what they are fighting for and how important it is. The idea that one's effort never goes to waste, because helping the world doesn't mean helping everyone, as 99.9% DO NOT have that chance.

However, lots of those who belong to the 99.9% do their part that is also helping the world. We work together.


So what now?! How can I help?

We've begun a brand new fundraiser specifically to build on this property and make what I'm calling the "Emergency Pop-Up Shelter" in order to show it's reason and intention.

We are going to make the fastest-built dog sanctuary I've ever attempted, and we already have 3 important pieces of the puzzle.

  1. Land given with permission to use until further negotiations can be made.

  2. Employees I am currently interviewing for start date.

  3. A local workforce ready to begin TOMORROW!

The last missing piece is the funding. So here is the fundraiser webpage:

If you want to save the click and just see the donation campaign, I will install it directly below.

Save the dogs: Pop-up Emergency Shelter fundraiser!

Thank you to everyone who can support at this critical time.


Good news: 501(c)3 status OFFICIALLY confirmed! Wooo!

This has not been publicly posted on any of our pages yet, but I just got the confirmation letter from the IRS: we're a 501(c)3 officially! Yay!!

This is really excellent news for us and all of our donors for a few reasons:

  1. All current donations to Perros Libres are tax-deductible.

  2. All previous donations ever since our foundation begin in August of 2021 are now back-logged as tax-deductible. You can write off donations from other years as we're now registered as that is included in the tax-code.

  3. It requires us to follow the US government standards to ensure our organization runs properly and fluidly: with an active board of directors, policies, and even write bylaws which we operate by under our own ethical definition.

  4. We can be included in government-based grants, corporate grants, and all kinds of modern social-media fundraising that is only accessible to 501(c)3 non-profit companies.

This is HUGE! A big milestone passed and now we're ready to get more organized, efficient, and abundant for our animals and all who take care of them!

Pluto sipping water at soon-to-be sanctuary


I am taking this step into the unknown, just like when we began...

Knowing that it is possible! And not backing down to the "impossibles" life can throw at us.

Pitaya getting ready to face all the "impossibles"


What are our priorities?

Waking up every single day and giving 100% without feeling the equivalent result, is the TOUGHEST THING in the world.

Wake up and not be discouraged knowing how all the other times failed, but you're still pushing.

There have been many over the years who tried to achieve greatness but failed.

Greatness has different definitions for people because a sense or feeling of "greatness" is different for many.

Me and my team's priorities are:

  1. to give dogs quality of life: fun, food, water, comfort, training, and love.

  2. to prevent illness, disease, mistreatment, and suffering for the dogs.

  3. to vaccinate and & sterilize all chosen dogs to prevent the excess spread of excess life which leads to unnecessary death.

  4. to create a sustainable model for eventually all street dogs in need to be rescued & brought to better places. We are just beginnig!

To summarize: Our priority is to give dogs a meaningful life.

Seeing them energized gives me energy for more.

Yes, I am tired. Yes, I am stressed.

However, they are so happy.

Living the life they were always meant to live.


Thank you. Everything is a reason to continue! Everything is a reason to love!

Your best man who always has a plan,

Aaron :)

AND OF COURSE, libertad para los perros!

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