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Perrita gives birth!!

We are so proud to announce Perrita, the very first rescued dog of Perros Libres, has given birth to 4 beautiful baby puppies. Here's a gallery of pictures, and the story of Perrita to go with it. (At the bottom catch some cute videos of these little buggers!)


Perrita's background:

Born in Santiago La Laguna on Lake Atitlan, she grew up playing in the streets of San Marcos where we first saw her. There was no Perros Libres at the time, it was just my girlfriend had wanted this dog who followed her home to our hostel one night. She did have an owner, but we didn't know that at the time. She spent every day playing on the streets where her owner worked selling clothes, but wandered around town like she was looking for something new. She was an extremely fun, loving, and happy dog. After about a week of Perrita coming and staying at the hostel, I saw her go to a local vendors spot and lay down after playing with the other two dogs there that looked just like her. I asked him if he knew this dog, and he said yes, she was his, and asked if we'd like to buy her. Which we did. He said his name was Mario, and he sold dogs he raised to gringos (haha.) Her diet consisted of "only tortillas", which is a common diet people give their dogs here, instead of the typical dry dog food we use in the states. She became extremely ill only a week after my partner officially adopted her from Mario, and has stopped eating or getting out of bed at all. We had the vet make an emergency visit to our then current stay of San Marcos La Laguna. He gave her some medicine, but said she had Distemper, which is an extremely fatal disease dogs get from having malnourishment, and picking it up from other dogs on the street as it's highly contagious. There are three stages of distemper, and he said Perrita was already past stage 1, had maybe a week to live. So we took her the same day across the lake to the vet's location called Vetitlan (This is our most recommended Vet on the lake by the way!) She stayed overnight two nights and was given an IV and a various assortment of medicines. He said to keep her in an isolated room if we lived with other dogs, which we did for a week. But within about two, she was walking around and running and made a full recovery! We were so relieved.

Now, about 6 months since then, she's given birth to 4 beautiful baby puppies. She got pregnant from another street dog sometime in the middle of the night who actually snuck onto our property while we were all sleeping. So, now Perros Libres has more dogs than we originally planned but to see the process of giving birth and being with her the entire time was a beautiful experience for us, as I'd never seen anything like that before. We couldn't be happier to have these little puppies with us now. Here's a few videos of them just being super cute, only 3 days old as I write this.


Last picture, look how relieved she looks after the first guy came to being:

So that's the whole story! You know know everything that Perrita has been through, and how we got to this point of having now 2 generations of doggies this quick into the Perros Libres formation. Much sooner than expected, but something that will bring us joy everyday and start learning about the process of raising puppies straight from birth. I hope you enjoyed the post!

Libertad por los perros!

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