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Perros Libres Needs to Build a Cabin!

Today is the day I announce our "Build a Cabin" fundraiser!

Perros Libres Dog Sanctuary is now in full-time operation! What this means is that the dogs live here full-time, and we are developing an advanced schedule for all volunteers to be with the dogs 24/7, and that includes sleeping on the Dog Land every night. This has however proven quite difficult without a sleep-able cabin space, perfectly safe from the rain, warm and cozy. We've gotten by with camping and hammock-sleeping with the more vigorous volunteers, however it's time we have a full-time guardian and comfortable living space on the land to keep doing this properly.

So, with this, I announce our "Build-a-cabin" fundraiser!

Through the website Non-profit company called we have an organized material and construction based fundraiser, specifically for our cabin: the first proper living space on the dog land. If you would like to help aid our construction of our house...

You can donate to the Cabin fundraiser at this donate button here:

With the process of developing the fundraiser and cabin, including purchase of material, labor, and construction our followers will receive a full-breakdown of our costs as we create the beautiful cabin. It's gonna be a lot of fun! Let's build something cool!


So how are all the doggies? (We've been getting more!)

Cute new doggies: Nila, Nula, Tulla, Beema, and Gemini :)

We've had a lot of illness sweep through doggie-land with the coming of this May and the guaranteed rainy season. One of the biggest ones that hit us is pneumonia, a terrible cold or gripé en Español. Looking back it makes perfect sense how this happened, because this month is the first month [May] the dogs have slept on Dog-land. Under our well-structured roofed patio, the dogs all sleep together relatively safe from the rain. However, they are not safe from the cold and moisture. For this, they need warmth, better shelter, and better food and vitamins to not get any worse with their colds, as well as some antibiotics the vet's came and gave to 17 of our dogs to help this.

By the way, this amazing recent visit from the vet was entirely set up by our friends at, the partner non-profit organization we've since been working with. They helped us rescue Marty the dog, and raise funds for his operation which is still in question with the vets what his best needs are. In the meantime, Marty is receiving wonderful care at our sanctuary.

Happy Marty on walk with Perros Libres Volunteers :)


We do have some sad news to announce :(

Our beautiful little puppy Cheese, the last of the litter that faced Distemper, has to our greatest sorrow passed away. So did the little dog Pip, whom perhaps passed it to Cheese. I had posted on our page about how amazing Cheese has been, having fought distemper for over 4 weeks with us before ultimately facing what all his sisters did in much less time. We gave non-stop daily vet prescribed treatment of antibiotics and vitamins for Cheese for 4 weeks, and though her condition improved very slowly, it had relapsed, and it seems to have never fully worked it out of the system.

R.I.P. Cheese & Pip. May your passing teach us more about how to both combat and prevent Distemper to any further of our puppies moving forward.

R.I.P. Our Lovely Cheese <3


Since you made it this far, take a peek at our whole pack in their doggie-beds!

This is what the doggies look like under the roofed-patio that the dogs sleep under on Dog Land. However, because this is not sufficiently warm enough, our poor doggies caught Pneumonia and needed a lot of cough medicine and vitamins. This is a learning-in-progress, we have not been instructed how to make a perfect dog Sanctuary, but each day we learn more about what it needs. This is why it's so vital we accomplish the Cabin fundraiser. We need to be humanly safe and comfortable to be able to build more for the dogs everyday. This is a constant work-in-progress but we are blessed we have been able to earn donations that took us past our budget in recent months which allowed us to build what we have now. But the costs don't stop, and the building does not either, which is why we've needed to start this fundraiser to be able to afford both to feed all of our dogs, and build them a better Sanctuary. Please consider supporting us today and donating to the cabin fundraiser, so we can more properly take care of this big pack of dogs, and shelter our volunteers from the rain!

It is absolutely essential we can build quickly to keep our animals and ourselves safe from the rain. If you can, please help contribute to our Build-A-Cabin fundraiser, which we will once again link here:

Remember, this is who we do it for!

Perrita and her pups Athena and Flacka


Thank you to ALL of our supporters old and new!

Especially a BIG thank you to the monthly donators!

As I always wish to remind myself, we cannot be here without you. Thank you for giving these dogs a home. Thank you for feeding us, and our volunteers, and housing us. We work for you, and for these animals, and for the local community of Tzununa. Let us all prosper, take care of each other, and grow together! Libertad por los Perros!

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