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The Dark Side of Charity, Part 2: Confronting the issue

Hi there, Perros Libres family. This is a post I begin with somewhat of a heavy heart, residing with the burning question: "Why even bother doing this?" ...Hmm, a fair question indeed, as most would probably not at all. But I'm a different type of person than most: I am always comfortable to talk about the hard stuff. It's never easy, but if an uncomfortable conversation needs to be had, I am not afraid to step into the ring. This is not to "fight" anyone or anything, but something much more simple and honest: to confront the weight on my own heart. To not ignore one's feelings, but to voice them, and, lastly: to use the Perros Libres platform I designed to also protect it, and to be heard when one's voice has felt choked.

So here we go.

The Perros Libres Fraud Alert page continues barking on, assaulting my character, and the organization which I've created.

So, thusly, I cannot sit by and allow these words to not be contested. At first, I chose to ignore all posts and contribute to nothing at all. This seemed a healthy response, and worked for a little while, because I just didn't want to bother getting into an argument. Why contribute to something like that in the first place? It didn't seem even strategically intelligent.

However, after weeks of just trying to continue my life and my work...

I could still hear it in my mind. I could feel the words: "Fraud, Lazy, Liar." They are strong words. Hurtful, even. Said with intent to harm. This did have this effect on me for a short while.

But just a few words can't stop me from continuing to press onward.

I kept going to work: feeding the dogs, starting our "dog runs" again to get the food to the local families' dogs, cleaning our house, and making social media posts for the page. I even was able to host the entire Sterilization Clinic at our house which was a huge task to make happen. Especially on such short notice: we filled the house! 36 animals spayed, in approximately 10 hours of non-stop work for all of us: most of all the vets, obviously. We did get a 30-minute lunch break: volunteers, vets, myself, and even gave lunch to the people just hanging out waiting. We had enough to go around.

  • So the question remains: what is one to do when one is called a Fraud?

The answer is, prove how you are not.

This is really the only thing left to do at this point. I've tried explaining on their page, reading what they had to say: and logically explaining what is wrong about much of it. But I felt no progressive communication happening: they seem to be simply trying to illicit an emotionally-charged response. Let actions speak louder than words. I can show, with my actions, who is and is not a fraud. Thankfully I am in good control of my emotions, although I'll admit a bit of anger and resentment did also invade my energy with me in engaging this. But that was better than depression or self-pity, which can result from not engaging extremely harsh accusations. So, it feels right to stand up for oneself and one's name, rather than let the slander continue uncontested.

  • But why do you have to prove anything? Can't you just keep doing the good work and let this fizzle off?

It would be a reasonable course of action, but I don't want to ignore this any longer. These links from the creator of the page have been being posted on every single Perros Libres Facebook post, and as time passes they just use more of our instagram pictures to post more slander on the internet in an attempt to sabotage us. If we were what we're being accused to be, we wouldn't deserve to have this job. Therefore, this must be addressed. So, I will spell out for you exactly what the accusations are, in order for you to hear both sides of the story: first theirs, and then ours.

  • I'm not here to say: "They're wrong and everything they said is a lie!"

My old roommate, who is the creator of these posts, speaks from his own perspective and says some things which are true. I'll lay those out here, because I have nothing to hide. Many mini-tragedies, and dogs that have been hurt, and even in some cases died exist in the Perros Libres story. We tell you the story as-it-is. If there is any stone unturned: I'll turn that one too. We believe in transparency, not in lying or hiding the truth from you. We will now speak from our perspective as well, which will give you all the info you need to make your own decision.


We've been accused of a few different things, which I'll lay out here.

Frauds. "Fraud/ noun: wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain."

You can see this in this lovely infographic here made by our friend who also made the lovely Perros Libres logo:

To be honest, this one made me laugh. Just wait for the taxes, buddy. But to address this sooner, I will be releasing a Perros Libres Financial Quarterly report starting with our first 3 months of being founded on August 8th, 2021 - November 8th, 2021. This is nearly done and we are hiring a really clean spreadsheet maker to show you the full details. Nonprofit funding/use of funding is public information, in legality. However they are simply required to report The Form 990 which is how non-profit organizations file taxes. This also will be on public record, and we'll post it on the website too when it's available. That will be our proof of not being "frauds", and this will be debunked very shortly.

Liars. I don't need to define this one.

The Perros Libres Inc. organization has always spoken the truth, about everything we've ever done. We've documented everything, did what we say we would do, and accomplished much already. We also asked for funding for specific projects all of which have succeeded, and used for only their intended purposes. (Feed this dog/bring this dog medicine/build this fence, etc.) I also check in with people who donated for a specific use of their funds and follow through with those individuals. Most of it is also posted in the blog.

Lazy. Also, quite self-explanatory.

Well, perhaps I am a bit guilty of this one. I do like to take my mornings slow, drink coffee, smoke a cigarette, and get ready for the day. It's not like I jump out of bed and start charging-full speed through town with dog food. A man has to maintain his own level of comfort and well-being, especially in charitable work, which takes a lot out of you.

Dog Abusers.

Really dude? I'd love to see your proof on that one. Get real.


So, that essentially sums up the biggest parts of their claims. We are not frauds, or liars, definitely not dog abusers, and even if I am lazy sometimes, I actually consider myself a very hard worker in this job. I started this from the ground up, and single-handedly performed many of these tasks which should have required a much bigger team. I run a website, the social media platform, take care of 10 dogs often with no helping hands, and manage to help heal and feed many dogs in this town. That's the majority of all of my time spent here, running this non-profit organization.

So, to conclude: you may be the judges here.

  • Here is the link to the Perros Libres Fraud Alert page:

  • You be the judge.

But beware! It's dangerous to go alone. Take this song with you, into the darkness to light your way: Injustice - Guatevoe (This is a song I wrote and recorded on the lake, 2 years ago, before starting Perros Libres.) I feel this will provide a nice contrast of positivity alongside the negativity that is embedded into this page while you read.


I love ya'll and don't worry, we're gonna keep going. Don't let negativity get you down, and my simple solution in this is to acknowledge it, be honest about anything presented, and try to learn even from his point of view: like what are my mistakes and how can I improve? There are many ways, and I continue to step in those directions every single day. Libertad por los Perros, amigos.

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Geri Danton-Goetzinger
Geri Danton-Goetzinger
Dec 13, 2021

Thank you Aaron for your honesty and integrity. Always going to be that one that try’s to bring you down when your headed up. Keep up the great job your doing for the Guatemala Dogs.

Dec 13, 2021
Replying to

I appreciate that very much, we value honesty very highly. Perros Libres is and always will be an open book for the people to read. 📖


Silvia Haklane
Silvia Haklane
Dec 12, 2021

Thank you for doing what you're doing....Keep your head up high and don't listen to these trolls....Arriba Perros Libres....❤❤❤

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