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The Road to San Marcos

So here's a shot of us walking to San Marcos in our pack, to go see the vet. One of our dogs did not come with, because he often likes to stay home. But you can see some beauty of our surrounding area and check out how the dogs play :) I call this "team building", the more they walk in a pack and play together they can guide and lead each other even when not around me. This builds a sense of uniformity and comradery. Of course they need some serious baths after this, but Scabby lets me bathe him without even a struggle. Street dogs are much more used to rain, and water, around here, then your normal domesticated dogs. After we saw the vet, he was able to give us what we need for Surya even though I didn't have enough cash on hand. That's just the kind of guy he is, and I foresee him being a big help in our near future. Grateful for all the help we have. Stay in touch, our next update is going to be our biggest yet! We have huge news. Please tell your friends to subscribe, we're going to need a lot of pushing the word out in the very near future! Stay tuned :)

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Alice Sperling Bartlett
Alice Sperling Bartlett
Aug 28, 2021

Keep up the good work Aaron. You are helping the angels that can’t help themselves. I hope lots of folks continue to spread the word and support your mission. Keep the faith and your passion.You are making a big difference and promoting love and respect for our precious dogs all over the world!

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