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Vaccines, Puppies, and Avocados!

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Today we got rabies shots for all 5 of our adult dogs! I say "adult" even though Scabby and Perrita are less than a year old. If you're old enough to give birth, at least for a dog, you should be called an adult, right? (Scabby is the only one that probably doesn't fit into this category, though! 😂) What was so cool is that it wasn't even planned, we walked into San Marcos today so I could get some shoes, and when we stopped for breakfast a couple of workers from the municipal (government) came by and asked if we had any dogs that needed to be vaccinated. They told us that it's free, and the city pays for rabies shots for any dog that has not had one in 1 year, although they recommended they get one every 6 months. So they categorized our dogs by name, age, and color and gave us papers for all of them after the shots. If, for any reason, a dog owner wanted to fly a dog out of Guatemala into the States for instance, they would need a rabies shot, as well as some others. It also protects us if (in the worst case scenario) a dog would happen to bite anyone or any other dog. So that was nice.


How are Perrita's puppies doing?

I get asked this question like every day, haha. So Perrita's puppies have just crossed the 2-week threshold, called the prenatal stage, where their eyes AND ears were totally closed for the entire span of time. Only a couple days ago did all 4 puppies finally open all of their eyes, and they're starting to be more active and walking around and engaging things other than just their mother. They are ridiculously cute, check it out:

So these puppies we do not yet have "plans" for, since the dog sanctuary is not ready we're just going to take care of them for the first couple months and slowly see if/how many we would like to keep here. Ideally, I'd like to keep as many together as possible, but that's just a loose ideal and not something we are rigid about. If there's interest, we will adopt the puppies out and ask for a donation in exchange, or just outright sell them. What is good for someone else can become more food/funding for the dogs we have here (We would never charge locals, however, that wanted to take them in.) I'd like to keep the female for the potentiality of breeding them down the line, Perrita came from a self-identifying breeder and has a really healthy pelt. Some tell me this is idealistic, but I disagree, as I'd like there to always be new puppies that can come into the field if we can keep it controlled and contained. Also, it's much easier to raise puppies than street dogs. Controlling the street dogs from breeding is one thing, but dogs on our eventual sanctuary should be able to produce new pups too if it's desired.


Avocados: good or bad for dogs? Dispelling the myth.

I'd like to address a common misconception I hear people say about dogs and avocados. If you google it, you'll see that many pages will say "avocados are bad for dogs", because they contain persin, which is a deadly toxin in high quantities. But, this is what further investigation will point out. Persin is not in the meat of the avocado, which is the part that everyone eats. It's simply in the leaves of the plant, skin, and core of the avocado. These are the parts which nobody eats, not even dogs if you tried to feed it them. As I often do, I'll use Scabby as an example. He is a bonafide street dog, and even though we've domesticated him well, there are some habits of his he'll never stop doing. One of these is finding fallen avocados from trees, on walks. Dogs noses are extra-sensitive, as everyone knows, and given a few exceptions, a dog will not eat anything that they can detect will not be good for their body. Of course, our genetic manipulation of food has become insane, and we can poison all kinds of things and make it undetectable. This is how many dogs have gotten poisoned from notorious people in Central America, they will put poisons dogs do not recognize in food and throw it in the street. But avocados are as natural as mother earth, and dogs actually love them, as you'll see here. Here I'm going to feed Scabby an avocado that we found fresh fallen off a tree on a walk.


Thanks everybody!

I just want to say I greatly appreciate everyone who takes the time to read our posts. I put a lot of love and time into these, it's a huge part of running this non-profit organization. If I didn't share what we did, nobody would be able to know the good work we are doing and would be much less likely to donate and help us accomplish it. So this is as much of a job as it is anything else, I have to dedicate a large part of my weekly schedule to uploading videos, editing, organizing them and trying to come up with good storylines that make it worthwhile to read, and not just hum-drum stuff that would not keep anyone's interest. But you, the awesome reader of interest, give us energy and love with your attention and it brings me so much joy to share with you what we're doing, and pride in the fact that we're actually able to do it. So to all the great readers, followers, and donators out there:

Thank you!!!

Have an amazing week everybody.

Libertad por los perros!

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