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We have BEGUN construction!

So many of you are reading here today thanks to a lovely women named Erica. I begin this post with a shout-out to her because it's because of her (and your!) help I'm able to tell you what I'm about to tell you today:

We have begun construction!

Within 48 hours of posting the live video from Erica's Facebook page, we raised enough funds to meet our first goal of $1,200 for building a 2-meter high chainlink fence around the property of over 2.5 acres (mas de dos cuerdas!)

  • Now how did we get to use this land in the first place?

A good friend and local from Tzununa named Andrés Yaxón has allotted a portion of his land to be used by the Perros Libres organization for the building of the dog sanctuary (wow! What a guy.) This was the greatest gift Perros Libres could ever be given, because we are a humble start up that began from zero, and wouldn't have been able to afford land to use right away. Our relationship is very mutually beneficial, and Andrés has instantly become one of our biggest allies here in Tzununa, Guatemala, and we are very grateful to have a working relationship with a local family. Andrés has also been instrumental in hiring the workers for our project, while we are providing the means to get the materials through your help. Here's us on the first day of surveying the land:


Here's some pictures and videos of us getting to work:

Inputting the poles!


Then: a miracle. We found 4 puppies!!

This is hardly something I could have ever imagined happening, especially on the very first day of actually working on this land which has been nothing but jungle, trees, rocks and coffee plants. But as we're digging holes, Andrés brother points to me and says "Look there's some dogs over here." And I'm thinking he means my dogs, and I say "where are they?" As he points inside this boulder:

And here's all four of them when they came out the next day!

And then we found Mama!

So, miracles do happen.

Perros Libres Dog Sanctuary already has 4 tenants :) So the faster we get these dog houses built, the better! Thank you so much for taking the time to follow our journey, and I'm so proud to show you that your donations are going straight to work as we build up the most beautiful dog sanctuary this lake has ever seen. Stay tuned for our next update, when we'll have a complete fence made and start building actual dog houses! YEAHHHH BUDDY!

Also we finally made a Facebook page! So if you'd like to give us a like and help build our Facebook presence here it is:


It's important to remember for me this is only the beginning. As we finish the fence, we're back to ground zero and will be raising more money and asking for volunteers to help us build the doghouses (but we've got workers too)! We've already got a lot of help on our side, and with the help from all of you, it's moving faster than I'd ever imagined! So thanks to everybody who has helped so far, and I hope you have an awesome week. Freedom for the dogs! Libertad por los perros!

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